Our Story

Sam Smith
Sam Smith and his first grandson, Beau

Since 2000, Sam Smith Jr. has been in the business of building residential homes.  Sam has built 500+ homes, which include spec and custom in various South Metro Atlanta counties ranging in price from $100k to $1M+.  In the early 2000’s, he owned a development company in which he developed two subdivisions; one being single family residential and the other being a multi-family town-home subdivision.  Sam knows each sub-contractor crew on a first name basis as most of them have been working for him for several decades. 

Since the collapse of 2008, diversification is a characteristic that kept Sam going during the unstable construction market. Not only has he been successful in the residential building industry, but in the commercial industry too. He has completed projects for companies such as AT&T, JLJ & Associates, Inc., Dickerson’s Custom Cabinets, a management company for Publix, as well as building Noah’s Ark Free Holiness Church (a 5000 sq.ft. church). 

Sam is also a member of the Contractor’s Association and holds a Commercial License through the State of Georgia.  He strives to help the community and fellow builders/developers by attending local commissioner meetings regularly where he voices his opinions and suggestions.

Sam is on job sites every day, and most would confidently say he is a very “hands on” builder.  Ensuring quality and 100% satisfaction is his top priority.